Wyrd Sisters
17 - 21 April 2018
at the Berry Theatre, Hedge End

Wyrd Sisters

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The Berry Theatre

Wildern Lane, Hedge End, SO30 4EJ


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Setting the Scene

Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat are witches, and apart from Granny Weatherwax's broom misfiring, Nanny Ogg's
cat going missing and Magrat's inexplicable hair, they try to lead a quiet life. However the universe has other plans. When an
abandoned infant - who just so happens to be the next in line for the throne (or so they think) turns up in their midst, they realise all is not as it should be and it's up to them to set matters straight. Even if it does involve hiding the baby with a group of strolling players.

Meanwhile Duke Velmet and his wife have murdered King Verence of Lancre and the dead king is not happy about it at all.
Neither is the land. Fortunately the witches are on hand to jump the kingdom fifteen years into the future so they can go about
setting the rightful heir on the throne, and thereby restoring peace and order to the kingdom. What could possibly go wrong?

Adapted from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel 'Wyrd Sisters', Stephen Briggs has created a melting pot of magical mayhem.

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The Director
Suzanne Avery




The Cast

Granny Weatherwax (a witch) is played by

Nanny Ogg (a witch) is played by

Magrat Garlick (a witch) is played by

Verence (late King of Lancre) is played by

Leonel Felmet (Duke of Lancre) is played by

Lady Felmet (his wife) is played by

Vitoller (an actor-manager) is played by

Mrs Vitoller (his wife) is played by

Fool (a fool) is played by

Tomjon (son of Verence) is played by

Hwel (a playwright) is played by

Sergeant is played by

Demon is played by

Robbers, Players, Guests, Guards, Peasants are played by

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The Crew
Production Manager :  Sarah Russell
Mentor to the Director :  Ken Hann
Stage Manager :  Robert Osborne
Deputy Stage Manager :  David Cowley
Set Design :  Peter Liddiard
Lighting Design :  Tom Foyle
Sound Design :  Jamie McCarthy
Costume Design & Wardrobe :  Sheana Carrington & Susan Wilson
Properties :  Adam Taussik
Lighting Operator :  
Sound Operator :  
Set Construction :  Ken Hann, Steve Russell, Grahamn Buchannan, Peter HillH
Stage Crew :  
Rehearsal Prompt :  
For The Company
Technical Manager:- Jamie McCarthy; Marketing Director:- Sarah Russell; Marketing Team:- Angela Stansbridge, James Norton, Clive Weeks, Robert Osborne, Meri Mackney; Front of House Manager:- Chris Baker; Front of House Display:- Meri Mackney; Box Office Manager:- Chris Baker; Photography:- Clive Weeks; Bar Manager:- Meri Mackney
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Ticket Prices and Details

Tickets £12.50
No concessions



Flier (not yet available)

(available after the run)


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