The Killing of Sister George
2, 3, 5 - 10 March 2018
at the Maskers' Studio Theatre

The Killing of Sister George

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The Maskers' Studio Theatre

Off Emsworth Road, Shirley, Southampton


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Setting the Scene

Frank Marcus's iconoclastic, pitch-black comedy comes to the Maskers Studio this May. Set in the heart of Sixties London, this is your chance to see this (in)famous play.

June Buckridge is an actress who seems to have it made in life. She lives with her beautiful girlfriend Alice "Childie" McNaught, who, though in possession of a head as air-filled as the scones she bakes, is perfectly lovely. They share an award-filled flat that overlooks London's Broadcasting House.

And it's all thanks to June's starring role as lovable district nurse Sister George in popular radio show "Applehurst". Sister George - riding to her patients on a battered old motorbike - is a household name.

In fact, June's been George for so long, no one bothers to call her by her real name anymore.

But when the radio serial is off-air, George indulges in power-play games with everyone she meets, including an unwilling Childie. Her aggression and temper are legendary - and the BBC is getting nervous. So when it turns out that George has been involved in assaulting some novice nuns, enough is enough.

The BBC dispatch one Mrs. Mercy to deliver the blow. As genteel as her intended victim is abrasive, Mercy looks set to destroy everything as George knows it.

Will George ever have a career again?

The Killing of Sister George started life as a stage play, with Beryl Reid originating the role of George. The script was picked up and went on to become a film. Due to the focus on the lesbian relationships within the text, the adaptation went down in history as one of the first X-rated films made in the U.K.

The play is a hilarious, occasionally disturbing examination of just how dreadful our beloved idols can be. At the same time, The Killing of Sister George is a wicked parody of the 1955 demise of Grace Archer on "The Archers" and a satirical comment on the flimsy world of fame.

They say you should never meet your heroes - dare you meet Sister George?

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The Director
Kristina Wilde




The Cast

June Buckridge (Sister George) is played by Sarah Russell

Alice 'Childie' McNaught is played by Louise Jones

Mrs Mercy Croft is played by Meri Mackney

Madame Xenia is played by Jo Iacovou

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The Crew
Production Manager :  Robert Osborne
Mentor to the Director :  Meri Mackney
Stage Manager :  Robert Osborne
Assistant Stage Manager :  
Set Design :  
Lighting Design :  David Jobson
Sound Design :  Jamie McCarthy
Costume Design & Wardrobe :  Bonnie Kaye
Properties :  Adam Taussik
Lighting Operator :  
Sound Operator :  
Set Construction :  
Lighting Consultant :  Clive Weeks
Rehearsal Prompt :  
For The Company
Technical Manager:- Jamie McCarthy; Marketing Director:- Sarah Russell; Marketing Team:- Ruth Kibble, Angela Stansbridge, James Norton, Clive Weeks, Robert Osborne, Meri Mackney; Front of House Manager:- Chris Baker; Front of House Display:- Meri Mackney; Box Office Manager:- Chris Baker; Photography:- Clive Weeks; Bar Manager:- Meri Mackney
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Ticket Prices and Details

Tickets £9.50
No concessions




(available after the run)


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