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15 - 19 Sept - in The Masker's Studio Theatre

Two Short plays by Brian Friel

The Yalta Game
A teasing tale of summer passion where fact and fantasy collide.

Adapted from Chekhov's short story 'Lady with Lapdog'. An intriguing and witty piece.
What starts as a routine seduction turns into an intense romance...

& in the same evening...

Tea and sympathy with a dash of vodka and some little white lies.

Sonya from Chekhov's 'Uncle Vanya' meets Andrey from 'The Three Sisters'. This little gem captures the bitter-sweet chekovian mood of comedy and underlying tragedy with warmth, wit and humanity.


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The Jungle Book

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Richard II on tour!

"It was excellent - the actor who played Richard, in particular, was outstanding." - an audience member.

"Crystal clear from all; very atmospheric and very fine music... I was riveted throughout." - an audience member.

Future Shows....

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December 2015 - Room at the Inn - Maskers Studio Theatre
January 2016 - Ten Times Table - The Nuffield Theatre
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