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9 April to 9 May 2015 - The Maskers' Studio Theatre then on tour!

Shakespeare’s beautifully written play, RICHARD II, brings into sharp focus the last two years of a turbulent a twenty two year reign which swung violently between the people’s adulation for God’s anointed ruler and their fear of a vicious, spiteful despot.
In 1397, when the play begins, after being continually frustrated and humiliated by his powerful uncles and magnates who want to curb his power, he takes his revenge. He has his uncle, Gloucester, murdered, banishes his cousin Bolingbroke and steals the lands of John of Gaunt, his uncle and Bolingbroke’s father, when he dies. These fateful decisions bring about the tragedy that is RICHARD II. We watch an increasingly desperate, deluded and frightened monarch literally fighting for his kingdom and his life.
Our touring production brings all the pain and drama of both a ruler and a country trying to reconcile power and governance with the right of the people to be heard and considered. This tale has many parallels with what we see today in news from around the world. It is an emotionally powerful story very much for the twenty-first century.

" was excellent - the actor who played Richard, in particular, was outstanding." - a member of the audience

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15 & 16 May 2015 ... The Maskers Studio Theatre

A Celebration of the life and mind of John Donne drawn entirely from his own words.


Lover, poet, and Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, Donne was a fascinating and complex man whose career and thought echo many issues of our time. This 50-minute play explores his witty and brilliant poems, his intimate letters, thundering sermons and profound and moving meditations.

"A tour de force and an extraordinarily rich experience.   Not to be missed." - The Very Revd Dr Alec Knight. OBE, formerly Dean of Lincoln

"A powerful and enthralling performance achieved with the most economical means." - Tony Jackson. Emeritus Professor of Drama, Manchester University

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15 to 25 July 2015 ... Hamptworth Lodge


Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of Mowgli’s adventures with manic monkeys, wise wolves and a murderous tiger. Pack a picnic and enjoy the stunning outdoor location of Hamptworth Lodge as the action unfolds.

But don’t relax too much – remember, it’s a jungle out there!             Click here to read more about this production...

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Wuthering Heights

"Saw it!! So pleased I did, it was excellent!!" - an audience member.

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