6 - 16 July
at Hamptworth Lodge, Landford



In the beautiful gardens of Hamptworth Lodge!

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From cockney flower-girl to duchess - will Eliza pass the test?

Henry Higgins, Professor of Linguistics, makes a bet that he can transform Eliza Doolittle from cockney guttersnipe to ‘duchess’ in just six months. This is Bernard Shaw’s original stage play, later adapted to film and, more famously, into the musical ‘My Fair Lady’. A glorious comedy of manners and comment on the society of the time and the emancipation of women.

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Later this year
25 - 29 October
in The Maskers Studio Theatre





Four people find themselves in a mysterious void with no idea of where they are or why they are there. A mysterious Guide arrives and informs them that they have died and must choose one memory from their lives in which to spend eternity.

Can they choose? What happens if they cannot?


Could you choose...?

Don't miss this thought provking production that originally premiered during the 2002 Edinburgh Festival to excellent reviews.


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You just missed!
in The Maskers Studio Theatre


Di & Viv & Rose

"Each of the three actors is so good that it would be invidious to single any one out" - SceneOne

"Bravo, Maskers, a tricky and brave production that left the audience emotionally exhausted, but really glad they came." - Winchester Today

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