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25 - 29 October
in The Maskers Studio Theatre





Four people find themselves in a mysterious void with no idea of where they are or why they are there. A mysterious Guide arrives and informs them that they have died and must choose one memory from their lives in which to spend eternity.

Can they choose? What happens if they cannot?


Could you choose...?

Don't miss this thought provking production that originally premiered during the 2002 Edinburgh Festival to excellent reviews.


Booking not yet open

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And then...
5 - 10 December
in The Maskers Studio Theatre


Mistletoe Junction


The Maskers Christmas anthology will lift your spirits and push your nostalgia buttons. It is late December 1957 and the world is suddenly a very different place – the threat of nuclear war, Teddy Boys and, on the brighter side, television and Elvis Presley! We invite you to sing along to some familiar and less familiar Christmas songs and laugh at the quirky tales and verse, all bound together with a collection of characters, each with their own story.


Your ticket includes a glass of Mulled Wine or Orange Juice, and a Mincepie!


Booking not yet open

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You just missed!
in grounds of Hamptworth Lodge



"The ... production, ... looks great, with the whole cast beautifully dressed and some fun, creatively-constructed, transportation." - Southern Daily Echo

"Katherine Evans was nothing short of sublime..." - SceneOne

"Jonathan Barney-Marmont is outstanding as Higgins..." - Southern Daily Echo

"...the production as a whole made brilliant use of the sumptuous surroundings of Hamptworth Lodge." - SceneOne

Read the full reviews here:   www.sceneone.biz    www.dailyecho.co.uk

"We had a lovely time on Saturday at Hamptworth. The Director and helpers were very solicitous of our welfare. The production was extremely good and well performed. Costumes were very colourful and made the characters stand out in the gardens. We also loved the add ons like the taxis and the car which were very clever. We felt very privileged to have had the opportunity to attend. Thank you" - Mayor of Romsey

Read more about this production here...


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March/April 2016 - Great ExpectationsMaskers Studio Theatre & The Berry Theatre
May 2016 - The Killing of Sister GeorgeMaskers Studio Theatre

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