Maskers Theatre Company
NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show - written by The Maskers
12 and 13 December 2013 - in the Maskers' Studio Theatre

NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show

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NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show

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NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show

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NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show

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NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show

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NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show

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NOT The Maskers' Christmas Show

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Just why is the Chairman prancing around in Anne Boleyn’s coronation dress? What were we up to in a rundown bar in rural Ireland with Joan of Arc? And what is Henry VIII getting for Christmas?

Following The Maskers’ traditional Christmas Show ‘Deck The Halls’, we present "NOT The Maskers’ Christmas Show" -a satirical revue written and created by members of the Maskers. Join us for gripping, giggle-inducing stories of clowns, killers, Kings, Queens, dysfunctional families, southern belles, and life-drawing students. Enjoy singing, joking, drinking and reminiscing with a rather ‘Horrible Histories’ look at Christmas through the eyes of The Maskers.

This provocative and visually stimulating production explores the lighter side of the year, and the mind and memories of some young entertainers in the studio for a while - fear not if you didn’t see any of our shows: funny and tragic in turns,there are a lot of laughs along the way.


The Maskers' Studio Theatre


Adam Taussik - Co-ordinator
Adam was born in a Lappland forest and adopted by a local charitable gentleman at a young age. Rodo-rhinism led to an unhappy childhood, but a heroic incident on a foggy night at a leadership development weekend has left him ready to head up this team of dear thespians and guide a sleighload of delight in Not The Maskers Christmas Show. We hope you enjoy the show.


Maire Allen
I was born a cracker or so my parents said, took to the stage of life
and sparkled there as well, But now I’m here to entertain in this Not The Maskers' Christmas Show, I could crack a few jokes or bang out a song
You can join in with those that you know, there isn’t a tree full of baubles
but that doesn’t matter a jot, as long as the ambience here you enjoy
Your applauding will tell us you liked us a lot.

Carl Browning
Christmas has always been somewhat eventful for me. After being abandoned by my family for the 2nd year in a row, and forced to defend myself from a pair of would be child killers yet again, I was put into social care, before making money from successfully suing the airlines for allowing an unattended child, with no valid ticket to fly all the way to New York on his own. This allowed me to set my own home in which, whilst I am still alone, I was able to discover new Christmas fun. Gone are the days of elaborate yet potentially deadly traps, and in its place is the Maskers Christmas show you now find yourself at. So enjoy , and watch out for the stairs, we have recently painted….

Jo Icovou

Angela Stansbridge
Having served an apprenticeship with Santa as a present wrapper Angela loves all the tat and tinsel of Christmas! She can be seen skipping around Christmas Trees trying to sing and dance and being generally jolly. Come and join the festive fun - let your hair down and catch some Christmas Cheer!!

Andrew Wyatt
Andrew is an adult elf, related to Will Ferrell in Elf - excited about Christmas time, energetic, friendly, thoughtful, bit mad, generous and very good at wrapping presents. Overall a very nice over sized Elf.

Stage Manager :
 Robert Osborne
Mentor and Advisor :
 Graham Buchanan
Lighting Designer :
 Clive Weeks
Lighting Operator :
 David Cowley
Sound Designer :
 Jamie McCarthy
Sound Operator :
 Marie McDaid
Set Design :
 Meri Mackney
Set Construction :
 Roger Lockett, Ken Hann, Geoff Cook, Graham Buchannan
Marketing & Publicity :
 Sarah Russell, Angie Stansbridge & Team
Box Office :
 Chris Baker
Photography :
 Clive Weeks