The Seagull by Anton Chekov and directed by Ron Stannard


The Maskers presented The Seagull at The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton from the 24th to the 27th September 1969.


The Cast

          Irena Arkadin (Mrs Treplev), an actress           Jean Rowe
          Constantin Treplev, her son           John Carrington
          Peter Sorin, her brother           Tony Palmer
          Nina Zarechny, daughter of a rich landowner           Barbara Pollard
          Ilya Shamrayev, Sorin's manager           Ken Spencer
          Polina, his wife           Betty Riggs
          Masha, his daughter           Sonia Morris
          Boris Trigorin, a writer           James Smith
          Eugene Dorn, a doctor           John Mitchell
          Simon Medvedenko, a schoolmaster           Graham Buchanan
          Jacob, a labourer           Ray Green
          A chef           Mike Shailer
          A housemaid           Sandra Cook

For The Maskers

Technical Director

Ron Tillyer


Geoffrey Callow

Stage Manager

Rod Livesey

Assistant Stage Managers

Ron Avery, Charles Hockley, Geoff Grandy


Liz Collings

Set Design

Ron Stannard


Ernie Pennells, Joy Steele


Tony Miles


Courtney Hoskyn