Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare
25 Nov 1968
at The Skyway Hotel, Southampton
30 Jan - 1 Feb 1969
at The Nuffield Theatre
Directed by Kenneth Spencer
The Maskers presented "Much Ado About Nothing" for one night only at The Skyway Hotel, Southampton on Monday 25th November 1968. The play transferred to The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton playing from 30th January to the 1st February 1969. Southampton Evening Echo 26th November 1968; The Maskers, the new amateur dramatic company with great plans for drama in Southampton, made their public debut last night by staging Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" at the Skyway Hotel for one night only.............The whole production was sound without being outstanding, but I think we will be hearing a good deal more from the Maskers. The graphic at the upper right of your screen is the "Much Ado About Nothing" Programme for the Maskers' first production following their founding on the 25th July 1968. Click on the graphic to see a larger version of it.
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The Cast
Benedick (James Smith) and Beatrice (Jeanne Rushton)
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The Cast
Don Pedro : Graham Buchanan
Don John : Roger Warren
Claudio : John Carrington
Benedick : James Smith
Leonato : Restel Burton
Antonio : Peter Bramley
Balthasar : John Greenhouse
Borachio : Michael Shailer
Conrade : John Lelliot
Friar Francis : Adrian Vinson
Dogberry : Kenneth Spencer
Verges : Peter White
A Lord : John Peacock
The Watch : Philip Henbest, Trevor Powell, Ian Hutchings, Ray Lacey, Peter Sanger
Hero : Sheana Carrington
Beatrice : Jeanne Rushton
Margaret : Sonia Morris
Ursula : Jane McWilliams
A gentlewoman : Jenny Edwards
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The Crew
Technical Director : Ron Tillyer
Stage Managers : Jean Friend, Geoff Callow, Tony Cousins
Lighting : Roger Lockett
Sound : Anthony Miles
Wardrobe Mistress : Pamela Pascoe
Wardrobe Assistants : Yvonne Paget, Mary Andrews, Ailie Brotchie, Jill Buchanan, Jenny Edwards, Margaret Lofts
Set Design : Stanley Rixon, John Carrington
Musical Advisor : Anne Brunstromm
Dance Advisor : Pamela Silvester
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