Hamlet by William Shakespeare
10 - 12 July 1969
at The Nuffield Theatre
Directed by Kenneth Spencer
The Maskers toured and then performed HAMLET at the Nuffield Theatre on 10th to 12th July, 1969. This was our second major production, and our second production at the Nuffield Theatre.
Hamlet (Jim Smith)
Hamlet (Jim Smith) & Horatio (John Arthur)
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The Cast
Francisco : John Greenhouse
Barnardo : Michael Shailer
Horatio : John Arthur
Marcellus : James Oliver
Ghost : Roy Purkis
Claudius : John Mitchell
Gertrude : Sonia Morris
Cornelius : Ernie Pennells
Voltemand : Adrian Vinson
Laertes : Graham Buchanan
Polonius : David Bartlett
Hamlet : James Smith
Ophelia : Sandy Mason
Reynaldo : Ray Lacey
Rosencrantz : Peter White
Guildenstern : Peter Mann
First Player : Kenneth Spencer
Second Player : Jane McWilliams
Player King : Adrian Vinson
Player Queen : Barbara Pollard
Lucianus : Andrew King
Fortinbras : Roger Warren
A Captain : Philip Henbest
Gentlewomen : Libby Cleaver, Sheila Richards
Sailors : Ian Hutchings, Trevor Powell
Osric : John Peacock
A Gravedigger : Kenneth Spencer
A Sacristan : John Lelliott
A Doctor Of Divinity : Ernie Pennells
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The Crew
Technical Director : Ron Tillyer
Stage Manager : Rod Livesey
Assistant Stage Managers : Sheana Carrington, Jenny Edwards
Lighting : Roger Lockett, Geoff Callow, John Oxenford
Sound : Tony Miles
Wardrobe Mistress : Liz Collings
Assisted by : Jenny Edwards, Barbara Pollard, Gill Buchanan, Libby Cleaver, Ande Spencer, Christine Dumbrell, Shiela Edward, Margaret Pennells
Properties : Gillian Marvin
Costume Design : Barbara Pollard
Set Design : Kenneth Spencer
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